Livin’ la Vida Loca

Concept and Image ©Johanna Mintz

As you would realize I’m sure if you sat and thought about it, the title refers to the song whose lyrics inspired me to draw this.

She’s into superstition,
Black cats and voodoo dolls..

I heard this while watching Shrek 2 today on tv, and POP this appeared in my head. So now it is out of my head and here for you to see as well.

Also, I seem to be getting faster at finishing pictures on photoshop, which could either be very good or very bad.  On the one hand, it means my skillz are growing, but on the other, if I charge for images by the hour, then it cuts down my profit.. Hmmmmm..

Speaking of, minor KM update, because the pre-order release is at the end of this month I will be uploading the images to my deviantART page earlier than I thought, so keep an eye out for them and the new CD which comes out in September for everyone else!


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